Staffing Solutions

Staff Augmentation (Contract Resources)

Whether you simply need a pair of hands to help get your team through a period of high work volume, or you need a subject matter expert on a daily or hourly basis, we can help.  We recruit the most trusted and experienced candidates out there.  These are people we have personally worked with; people we would put our stamp of approval on if it was our company.  We can provide qualified staff at junior, intermediate, or senior levels……and one thing they will have in common is their professionalism.  You can count on it.

Permanent Employees

When you need a long term commitment to your company and are looking for the perfect match for your team, talk to us.  We have many qualified candidates in a variety of roles.  We know our resources and we stand behind their skills, attitude, and loyalty.  So much so that we can offer a guarantee that they will perform to your expectations, and stay on for a minimum length of time.  But we’re confident that when we make a match, both sides are in it for the long haul.


When you do not want to be burdened managing something that is not your core competency, and you would rather focus on what will make your organization successful, then consider outsourcing.  Specialists in core functions can often do it better and cheaper, while relieving you of the burden and allowing you to do what you do best.  Our outsourcing practice makes use of known best practices and allows for customizing the function to fit your requirements.  We can provide you with a team of qualified resources, manage the staff, and provide regular reporting to your senior team to ensure we are meeting your needs.