Business Improvement Services


If your organization has a complex issue that needs resolving, a project that needs leadership, or you simply need to improve performance, then we can help. We have the expertise to implement company-wide programs such as Operational Excellence initiatives, organize and map your processes, work with you to define your vision, mission, business strategy and key performance indicators, or show how your organization stacks up against the best performers. Either way, our team of senior level staff can provide management or analysis to guide you and ensure you remain competitive, cost effective, and able to achieve your most ambitious goals. We will be with you all the way, and will ensure that you are left with the proper tools and skillsets to continue on your own.

Process Mapping and Improvement

We are experts in facilitating sessions or meetings to map your business processes, determine weaknesses or areas for improvement, and then work with you to define the target state and implement the changes. At the end of the day, all business runs on a series of processes and sub-processes, and if these are broken or sick, we can help identify that and provide a cure. We have executed these services in a variety of areas including Supply Chain Management, Finance, Internal Audit, Oil and Gas processes including drilling, completing, Information technology, etc. Industries we have served include Government, Health Care, Banking, Utilities, Pipelines, Oil and Gas, retail, etc. Call us today to see how we can help and transfer our knowledge of industry best practices to your organization.

Project Management

We can provide seasoned resources to help lead your initiative. People that know how to proper scope out the project, identify and manage risks, comfortable and smoothly work with the key players involved, report critical progress information, and most importantly keep the project on track while still meeting it’s objectives. Our Project Managers are the best and the results speak for themselves. No matter the size of the effort we can be there to lead it, and ensure the efforts result in optimum return on investment.

Operational Excellence Programs

When your company’s business units do not act in unison, when departments have a different processes or procedures to accomplish essentially the same results, when critical knowledge is in the heads of the employees rather than formerly documented, and when the company needs to do a better job of managing risks, then you may want to consider implementing an Operational Excellence management System. Top performing companies recognize this need and have management systems in place that outline the key components departments need to follow to properly run their business. We will custom develop the management system to suit your business and industry and ensure that it is a comprehensive program to improve and standardize the way you conduct your daily business and appropriately manage risks.

Business Strategy

The starting point for any organization is to have a clearly defined Vision and Mission and resulting Goals. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are the opportunities and threats that you face? Where do you want the organization to be in a certain time frame? How do you plan to get there? What goals do you need to set to achieve your strategy. We can help you answer these questions and give you your own customized roadmap to success. We can customize the sessions for tight timelines, or work with you to fully flush out and discuss your options. In either case, the time you devote to this will be paramount to your organization’s success.

Business Analytics

Whether it is a comprehensive analytics tool that needs to be chosen and implemented, or a spreadsheet that needs fixing, our team of analysts can do it. We have the experience and know how to provide a range of business analysis services and are experts in dealing with data. The amount of new and useful information that exists untapped in a company will truly surprise you. You need the right information to make informed decisions. Are you getting what you need to properly manage your company? If you suspect there may be something missing then let’s chat. We can show you many ways to enhance your ability to gather and digest valuable information which will keep you ahead of your competition.

Performance Measurement

We are experts in implementing Balanced Scorecards and can show you how to easily identify the key things that need to be measured and managed in your organization. We will show you how to link those to different levels and how to ensure that they are aligned to your business strategy. After all, what gets measured gets managed, and you want to measure the things that truly matter. And when it comes to reporting on these, we have the latest tools in the marketplace to assist you or can custom develop a system to meet your unique requirements.


When you want to know just how good, or bad your performance is, when you want to gauge how you stack up against the best, or if you simply want to know where to start your improvement efforts, we can provide a benchmarking option that will suit your needs. If you want to measure yourself against industry peers, best-in-class, or just local companies in the same sector, then we will tailor a benchmarking study to provide you with that information. We will teach you how to interpret the reports, how to prioritize improvement opportunities, and how to ensure that you realize the benefits of initiatives. Upon request we can also link you up with industry peers so you can network with individuals who face the same issues you do.